*This was one of the poems I wrote and submitted to the same competition that my short story had won, yet regretfully not my poems. I haven’t given much hand to them in a while, though I want to pick it up again soon.*

Do you seek a world apart,

A peaceful land aside

Where your wandering heart

And long-lost hopes reside?

Down the perilous path,

Past the fallow tree,

Beyond all human wraith,

In the mountain’s lee;

There lies the tranquil vale

Where I shall endure my life,

Away from this godless gale

And this woeful world of strife.

Take my hand and follow me;

Let us make our leave.

Travelers on this road are we.

That, you must conceive.

Beyond all mortal sake,

Away from needless blame;

The Journey is difficult to take

And life is just the same.

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